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The Benefits Of Massage Therapy:
Relieves tired and sore muscles
Improves immune system
Help improve flexibility
Relieves muscle aches and stiffness
Speedy recovery from strenuous physical activity
Helps reduces stress and anxiety
Relaxes tight muscles

There are several styles of massage therapy:

Swedish massage - The most widely used massage technique. Developed by a 19th-century Swedish athlete, Per Henrik Ling, this method uses a variety of movements: 1)long, firm strokes are directed towards the center of the body; 2) kneading or grasping movements work deeply into the muscles; 3) percussive, rhythmic movements are used to create a relaxing effect; 4) light vibration or friction is a cross-fiber movement that affects the underlying tissue; and 5) therapists may also actively or passively move a client's joints.

Deep tissue massage is often used on a specific area, rather than the whole body. The therapist uses slow strokes and deep finger pressure on areas of contracted soft tissue to release chronic patterns of tension.

Myofascial release - Used since the 1950s, this softening and stretching technique developed by osteopaths is used to remove fascial adhesions and to soften and stretch scar tissue. The client is required to draw on the muscle while the practitioner maintains pressure on the restricted area, alert to feedback from the muscle in order to avoid reflexive tightening.

NeuroMuscular Therapy - This deep tissue pressure technique is generally used to reduce and eliminate chronic myofascial and muscular pain. Through postural analysis, the practitioner determines where the patient's chronic patterns of connective tissue holding may require stretching and release.

Trigger point massage - Finger or thumb pressure is performed release nodules in muscles and connective tissue, thereby breaking patterns of chronic tension or spasm, reduce pain and hypersensitivity, and increasing range of motion.

Sports massage - Several massage techniques can be used, including Swedish massage, rhythmic compression to soften and warm up muscles for deeper massage techniques, trigger point massage, lymphatic massage and cross-fiber or transverse friction massage. Sports massage helps the athlete maintain optimal muscle health, while event massage is an adjunct to the warm-up and can take place before, during, or after a competition.

Rehabilitative massage can improve and enhance recovery from injury

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